Spring 2022

  • Hold Council of Deans Retreat to discuss initial planning
  • Review various committee work over the last year for synergies with strategic planning

Summer 2022

  • Meet regularly with Planning Team
  • Create planning website
  • Meet with communication team
  • Review progress on The Next 150
  • Send Speaker invitations

Fall 2022

  • Hold Strategic Planning Summit
  • Charge Strategic Plan Goal Committees
  • Begin meeting with key stakeholders
  • Begin reviewing comments from stakeholders

Spring 2023

  • Prepare committee reports for each goal area
  • Hold any additional meetings so as to reach out to additional stakeholders
  • Meetings of the Strategic Plan Goal Committees with Chancellor and Provost

Summer 2023

  • Revise and format Strategic Plan
  • Work on website

Fall 2023

  • Finalize plan
  • Print copies
  • Finalize website